An attractive EeStairs® staircase makes a statement. It can be an interior’s crowning glory. EeStairs always searches for a staircase design that complement the architectural features of the environment and match the client’s vision. At EeStairs we have earned a global reputation for creativity, expertise and experience. EeStairs® stairs, which marry form and function, are now available throughout North America.

From the simplest straight flights of stairs to spiral staircases, feature staircases and sweeping curved stairs, EeStairs can bring any staircase design vision to life. With a range of materials to choose from including wood, steel, glass and stone, custom stairs from EeStairs elevate the look of any space.


Handrailings serve a purpose, but at EeStairs we believe they can be not only safe and functional, but also extremely attractive. EeStairs® railings are structurally independent from the staircase, but choices in fits and finishes will allow the stairs and railing to work together for maximum visual impact. EeStairs offers a series of patented railing systems that can work in residential and commercial settings.

From the simplest railing comprised of straight lines, to a curved railing that rises with the arch of a statement staircase in a grand entranceway, EeStairs has options to fit any interior design and any project budget. We invite you to explore our full range of EeStairs® railings and infinite design possibilities.

Italian design in Amsterdam

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Hat-trick of staircases Manchester City Footbal...

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